AHDAA Vision and Mission Statement


  • To become one of the leading entities providing Halal Certification within Australia.
  • To train those involved in the entire process in order to help uplift the knowledge and skills of Halal Management team, Halal auditors, Halal slaughter men and where applicable.
  • To implement the E-halal certification system (Electronic Halal Certification) and E-Halal documentation system required between all parties involved in the export of Halal products to the world within the meat industry. While being in collaboration with the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) and other key parties.
  • To work in collaboration with the DAWR of Australia, Australian regulations, and other Halal CBs to ensure that the E-Halal certification for overseas countries is save from forgery, unnecessary delays and accompanied by an effective traceability system.


  • To ensure Halal integrity is not compromised at any level of operations.
  • To ensure that the Muslim consumers can trust the AHDAA Halal Mark and Australian Halal products anywhere in the world, including Muslim countries.
  • To maintain a good relationship with all stakeholders and key parties in a professional, considerate and ethical manner
  • To create an environment where AHDAA clients and AHDAA’s governing bodies can trust AHDAA Halal services.


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